Some people shed hair like an Old English sheep dog. My hair jumps off my head and swan dives down sink and tub drains. Science says that the average person normally loses thirty to fifty hairs per day just by shampooing, blow drying, brushing, combing, back-combing and processing your hair with flat or heated curling irons. Hormonal fluctuations and even sleeping on a pillow can loosen strands.

The Other Products Fall Short

Before I discovered homepage, disgusting drain clogs were one of my least favorite cleaning problems. There is nothing that I detested more than trying to separate long hair from my plumbing.

In desperation I’ve tried many creative ways to clear my sluggish clogged drains. I’ve taken pliers and fashioned a tiny hook on a rigid bent coat hanger, fishing for clogging soapy locks. Sometimes I used a natural combination of baking soda and vinegar, watching it foam like a volcano oozing out of my drain. Of course I’ve tried the harsh commercial foaming drain cleaners.

There are products that contain natural enzymes that eat at organic matter, but take a day or two to work. It’s inconvenient to keep the drain dry. Recently I purchased a long wire brush that probes the clog. Brushes work, but pulling off the wrapped clog of soapy, matted, smelly, damp, hair can turn your stomach. It looked like my crusade to keep my drains running clear and clean was a loosing battle.

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2 Drain Sink Unclog Snake Tub Toilet Bath Cleaning Plumbing Tool Hair Removal

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